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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create the Vintage Card

It is fun to find vintage motifs in old books or on the internet. Print out the designs either in dark brown or black to give it an ancient look.



Vintage Card 1

1. First you need to fold your corrugated cardstock into a size C-6 card or the standard card size for your country.

Vintage Card 2

2. Cut a piece of the jute ribbon and adhere a piece of the clear double sided adhesive tape on the backside. Stick it on the left side of the card and cut away any excess hanging over the sides of the card.

Vintage Card 3

3. Cut 4 triangles from another piece of the corrugated cardboard. Turn each triangle over and use your eyelet tool and punch a hole through the triangle, the ribbon and the front side of the card. Set each hole with an eyelet.

Vintage Card 4

4. Cut a piece of the raffia and insert it from the inside of the front card half. Tie the ends together on the right side of the card and cut away what is too much.

Vintage Card 5

5. Print your image on your brown paper and cut it out. Stick it onto the backing foil with the topside up. Now turn the foil over and adhere the strongle double sided adhesive tape.

Vintage Card 6

6. Remove now the protective paper from the tape and stick the image onto your card.

Vintage Card 7

7. Cut a circle out of the handwritten page of your paper and use strong double sided adhesive tape to stick it inside the bottle cap.

Vintage Card 8

8. Turn the bottle cap over and place a piece of foam tape on it. Remove the protective paper and stick it onto the card with the inside of the cap facing up.

Vintage Card 9

9. This is the finished card. If your triangle corners do not want to stay flat, you may use 3-D foam pads to hold them down.




Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Vintage Card in All Natural Colors
Vintage Card Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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