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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make 3-D Origami Paper Stars

Create these using origami paper or other square sheets of decorative paper.



3-D Origami Paper Stars 1

1. Lay the first sheet of origami paper in front of you.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 2

2. Fold this sheet in half so it looks like this.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 3

3. Fold the sheet again in half so that you have a smaller square. Open the sheet of paper completely open again.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 4

4. Fold the sheet now diagonally so that one corner is touching the other corner. Open the sheet again.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 5

5. Fold now again diagonally so that the other two corners are touching. Open the sheet again. You will see eight triangles.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 6

6. On each of the straight sides, cut along the line almost half way up as seen here. There will be a total of four cuts.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 7

7. Fold each edge along the cut towards the fold. 

3-D Origami Paper Stars 8

8. This is how the first point looks. Repeat until you have 4 points. 

3-D Origami Paper Stars 9

9. This is now how the star looks. The center of the star has buckled out now and has more dimension.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 10

10.Take your stick glue and apply on the left fold of each point.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 11

11. Take the right fold and pull it over the left fold to match the edges. Press together. Repeat this step on the other three points. For the final step, insert your finger in all four points to inflate the points from the inside out and give them dimension. Adjust creases if necessary.

3-D Origami Paper Stars 12

12. This is now how the first half looks. Repeat steps 1-11 again for the second half. When finished, both halves will be adhered together on the flat sides in a way so that the star has eight visible points. To do this, add a drop of glue on each of the 8 inside corners on the flat side (the glue needs to be added so that it cannot be seen from the front side) and then carefully press both star halves together.




Christmas Paper Craft - Three Dimensional Paper Star
3-D Origami Paper Star Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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