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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Easy Translucent Star Tutorial

This star can also be made using regular paper. If you keep the stars small, you can use them to decorate your tree or even Christmas cards. They will not be translucent with normal paper, but look also lovely.



Folded Star 1

1. Cut out 8 squares and lay them flat on your table.

Folded Star 2

2. Fold each square diagonally in half.

Folded Star 3

3. Open the folded paper and then fold each side to the middle folded line.

Folded Star 4

4. When both sides are folded, this is how it should look like.

Folded Star 5

5. Continue folding until all eight squares are completed.

Folded Star 6

6. Take the glue stick and place glue on the top right corner of the “fat” pointed side of the paper.

Folded Star 7

7. Lay the next finished piece over the first making sure the edges line up. You can use the center folded line of each piece as a guide.

Folded Star 8

8. Continue in this manner until all of the points are added. On the last piece, place glue on the right side of the 7th piece and also on the left side of the 1st piece in the top corner. This ensures that the last added piece is glued underneath from both sides.

Folded Star 9

9. This is the finished star. On the back side, you may use a couple of pieces of clear sticky tape to give the star extra stability from the back. Use tape to hang up. You can make tape “rings” and place on the back side of the star and just press it on the window.




Yellow Transparent Star_0525
Translucent Origami Star Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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