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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Craft the Sunflower Card

This card is especially lovely in the late summer months or the early autumn months.



Sunflower Card 1

1. This is how the white foil looks. It is sticky on one side and is perfect when creating small motifs for cards, tags, scrapbooks, etc...

Sunflower Card 2

2. When you have your paper napkin, cut the motifs out you would like to use.

Sunflower Card 5

3. A napkin normally has 3 layers. Remove the 2 bottom layers and discard them.

Sunflower Card 4

4. Cut the foil roughly to the size of the napkin motif. The foil has a protective covering. You now need to remove it.

Sunflower Card 6

5. Press the napkin onto the foil so that it is completly flat and wrinkle free. Press any wrinkles out if there are any. Cut now the sunflower motif exactly out. You will need to prepare 2 more sunflowers. When finished, put them aside for later.

Sunflower Card 7

6. Using your computer’s printer, print out a poem about sunflowers or one that appropriately matches the motif you chose. Cut the poem out. Tear a piece of the natural paper larger than this piece. Lay it on the paper and punch a hole on the top of each side and secure the holes with the gold colored fasteners.

Sunflower Card 10

7. Cut a strip of the net/ mesh ribbon and a piece of the clear double sided sticky tape. Stick the piece of ribbon on the right side of the card.

Sunflower Card 8

8. Place a strip of the strong double sided sticky tape and stick it on the backside of your prepared poem paper. Remove the protective backing of the tape.

Sunflower Card 9

9. Stick the poem now on the left side of the card.

Sunflower Card 12

10. Take pieces of the 3-D foam tape and place them on the backsides of the cut out sunflowers. Remove the paper backings.

Sunflower Card 13

11. Stick the sunflowers now on right side of the card partially covering the mesh ribbon and the poem.

Sunflower Card 14

12. Make a bow using the raffia. Cut a very small strip of the foam tape and adhere it to the backside of the bow. Stick the bow to the top left corner of the card. Add the paper clip to the bottom left of the poem for an extra effect.




Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Sunflower Card for All Occasions
Sunflower Card Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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