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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Natural Straw Star Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Create pretty and natural looking ornaments... just like in the old days.



Straw Star Tutorial 1

1. Soak straw pieces in a bowl of warm water for about 30 minutes until an hour. This will soften the straw.

Straw Star Tutorial 2

2. Carefully cut the straw open longways. For each star, you will need 3 pieces of straw.

Straw Star Tutorial 3

3. Iron the straw pieces flat.

Straw Star Tutorial 4

4. So they look like this.

Straw Star Tutorial 5

5. Cut each straw in 2 pieces. One piece should be longer than the other. Now you have 3 longer pieces that are the same length and 3 shorter pieces that are the same length.

Straw Star Tutorial 6

6. Now place the 3 longer pieces in a star shape on the backside of a mouse pad, on a foam piece or a cork underground. The distance between the pieces should be about the same.

Straw Star Tutorial 7

7. Now place the 3 shorter pieces over the first 3 and at equal intervals between the longer pieces.

Straw Star Tutorial 8

8. Place a straight pin in the middle to hold the layers together.

Straw Star Tutorial 9

9. Take your string and go under a long piece, over a short piece, under a long piece, over a short... until your have gone around the complete star.

Straw Star Tutorial 10

10. Tie off when finished but do not cut the ends off. Instead tie these as a hanging loop. Remove the pin and hang up.

The straw pieces will shift occasionally. It is not normally done, but if you wish, you can place a drop of glue between the straw pieces to hold them better in place. This may be an option when children are creating stars to avoid frustration.




Straw Star
Natural Straw Star Ornaments
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