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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - ”Stained Glass” Paper Snowflakes Window Decoration

These add beaufitul color to your windows, even on dark and dreary days.



Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 1

1. Print out the template to the largest size possible that will fit your printer paper. Trim the template down in a circle shape, just around the snowflake.

Glue the template on a sheet of black construction paper, so that the snowflake shape is facing upwards.

Then use paper clips and attach a second sheet of black construction paper under the first sheet. You will be cutting through 3 layers, but since the paper is not thick, it will cut easily.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 2

2. Cut out the inside areas of the snowflake first using a craft knife. Start at the most inside and work your way outwards.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 3

3. Then cut the outer shape out with your scissors.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 4

4. Remove the paper clips. Now you have two snowflake shapes that are identical.

You will be working on the side where the template was glued onto the black construction paper. The second snowflake can be placed aside for the moment.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 5

5. There are a couple of possibilities to fill out the cut out areas.

If you want a whole area to be the same color, then place your translucent paper of choice over the snowflake and trace outside of the cut out areas you wish to cover as you see in this picture.

Make sure to cut the translucent paper a bit larger than the area of the cut out areas. The translucent paper has to be able to be glued to the paper snowflake shape.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 6

6. Then you can adhere the translucent paper to the area to cover the cut out areas.

If you wanted the whole snowflake to be the same color, then you would place your translucent paper over and trace around the snowflake to cover the whole inside area. It is your choice and it is, of course, a very fast way of finishing the snowflake.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 7

7. If you want more color, you can cover each cut out each piece separately.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 8

8. This image shows how the same 6 cut outs were covered with the red paper.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 9

9. To speed up the cutting process, you can trace around the cut out area. The shapes are pretty much the same anyway.

Accordian fold your paper 5 more times at the same width of your traced shape.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 10

10. Then you can cut all 6 shapes out at the same time and glue them in place.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 11

11. Continue with the next areas you wish to cover.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 12

12. Now the dark green shapes are glued in position.

Stained Glass Snowflakes Tutorial 13

13. Finally the white areas are covered.

When all of the cut out areas are finished, match and glue the second snowflake to the side you were working on to cover it.




Stained Glass Paper Snowflakes
“Stained Glass” Paper Snowflake Window Decorations
These snowflakes look gorgeous when hanging in the window. When the sun shines, the colors of the paper almost seem to glow. You can create these as colorful as you like or even have the cut out areas just one color. You can also make the outer snowflake another color, such as white if you like. Print out the template to the full size of the printer paper so you will have the largest size possible or you can make smaller versions of this snowflake, too.




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