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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Use the Sizzix Sidekick with Sizzlets Templates

Once you have your Sidekick and your templates, you can create lots of die cuts to embellish your cards, scrapbooks, tags, ATC’s, etc...



Sizzix 1

1. This is the Sidekick from Sizzix.

Sizzix 2

2. These are just a few of the many templates you can purchase for the Sidekick. You can find templates for all seasons, tag tamplates, shapes and words.

Sizzix 3

3. These are the cutting plates. They are provided when you purchase the Sidekick.

Sizzix 4

4. The first step is to cut pieces of cardstock or paper to the size of about 6 x 6 cm (about 2.4 x 2.4 inches). This size fits perfectly within the Sizzix Sidekick.

Sizzix 5

5. Lay your first acrylic cutting plate on the table. Then you will lay the template over it with the soft side up as you see here.

Sizzix 6

6. Now you will take your cut piece of paper or cardstock and lay it over the template.

Sizzix 7

7. Take the second acrylic cutting plate and lay it over the cardstock sandwiching everthing within.

Sizzix 8

8. Pull the left side lever to the other direction until the Sizzix Sidekick is firmly attached to the table. If it does not get a grip to the table, try again by pulling the lever again to the front and then to the back. It is important that the Sidekick grips securly.

Sizzix 9

9. Insert your prepared layers into the opening in the center of the Sizzix Sidekick.

Sizzix 10

10. Start turning the knob on the left side towards you and the Sidekick will pull the layers into it.

Sizzix 11

11. Keep turning the knob until the layers are completely through to the backside.

Sizzix 12

12. Remove the cutting plates and the template and this is how your cardstock now looks.

Sizzix 13

13. Punch out the cut motifs and they are ready to use for your next project.




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