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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a Simple Bow

This bow can be made with all widths of ribbon.



Simple Bow 1

1. Decide on the size of your bow. This will be the length of the loops and the size of the tails. This particular ribbon measures 4 cm x 52 cm.

Simple Bow 2

2. Cut a “v” into both ends of the ribbon.

Simple Bow 3

3. Lay the ribbon flat on the table with the bottom side up.

Simple Bow 4

4. Bring the right end over the middle and hold in place. The right side of the ribbon is facing up.

Simple Bow 5

5. Now bring the left side over and also hold in place as you did on the right. Decide where the exact middle and center and adjust the loops on the left and right side.

Simple Bow 6

6. Once the middle is adjusted gather the 2 ends and also the bottom side as seen in this picture. Pinch all the layers between your thumb and index finger.

Simple Bow 7

7. Take a thin piece of wire and wrap it around the front of the ribbon and bring it to the backside.

Simple Bow 8

8. Twist the wire closed on the backside. Leave the ends hanging. You can then use these to tie it to your decoration.

Simple Bow 9

9. This is the finished bow. Use it to decorate packages, wreaths, floral decorations or what ever needs to be decorated. By changing the width of the ribbon, you can create many different looks to match your decorating needs. You can also add embellishments to a ribbon while securing the ribbon with the wire. Experiment!






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