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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - About Fiskars Shape Boss - Shape Boss Templates and Shape Boss Texture Plates

If you have ever tried embossing using a light box and brass templates on darker colored cardstock, you may have noticed that you can barely see the stencil through the paper. To solve this problem, Fiskars has developed the Shape Boss. This special technique makes embossing on any color of paper or cardstock possible. To use it, you need the doubled templates that are designated for it, a stylus and cardstock or paper.  You will then secure the templates using the dowels that come with it. You need both template layers when embossing and these are marked so you know which one is the top one (the clear one) and which one is the bottom one. Once you have secured the templates, select the motif and paper you wish to use.

Supplies needed: Fiskars Shape Boss and templates, stylus and paper or cardstock.



Fiskars Shape Boss 1

1. With the Fiskars Shape Boss you can easily cut out shapes using the stabile templates and the special designed cutter. Place a template with the word “Fiskars” facing upright and secure it with the orange dowels onto the Shape Boss. Slip your paper under the template. Use the and cut along the side wall of the template.

Fiskars Shape Boss 2

2. Afterwards you will have a perfect shape. Not only are there rectangles available, but also circles, squares, ovals and other popular shapes.

Fiskars Shape Boss 3

3. There are also thinner templates that come in packs of 2 (an upper and lower template). These get used for embossing your cards. Using these templates has the advantage that you can emboss even darker cardstock or papers. There are so many different designs to choose from!

Fiskars Shape Boss 4

4. To use the templates is easy. The grey template gets placed under the clear template. Secure both templates  with the orange dowels to the Shape Boss.

Fiskars Shape Boss 5

5. You will then slip your paper or cardstock between the 2 template layers. Then take your Fiskars stylus and follow the edges of the motif with either the small or larger stylus side. You can feel the paper being pressed downwards. If you like, you can use the larger side to fill out spaces for an even deeper effect.

Fiskars Shape Boss 6

6. Once you remove your paper and turn it over you can see the image created by the embossing.



Fiskars Shape Boss and Texture Plates



Fiskars Shape Boss 7

7. The Fiskars Texture Plates are also a wonderful way for embossing larger areas of a paper.

Fiskars Shape Boss 8

8. Use the orange dowels to secure it to your Shape Boss.

Fiskars Shape Boss 9

9. Take the stylus and feel for the grooves and firmly follow them without tearing the paper.

Fiskars Shape Boss 10

10. This is how it looks while you are embossing. The stylus follows the groove of the template underneath.

Fiskars Shape Boss 11

11. Once you have finished, remove the paper and turn it over. You now have embossed areas. This looks wonderful as a background for a card.






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