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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create a Primitive or Country Card with Cow Motif

Tip: If you cannot get the Aslan foil, you can also use fusible web and cardstock for your pieces. You can find instructions for how this can be done here. Substitute the fabric for the paper napkin.



Country Cow Greeting Card 1

1. Before you start with the card, you need to make some preparations first. Decide which motif you would like to use from your fabric and cut the two squares twice out. Cut also 2 slightly larger pieces of the self-sticking foil out.

Country Cow Greeting Card 2

2. Remove the adhesive backing of the foil and press the motifs on it. Make sure the fabric is flat without wrinkles. The first cow motif will be cut out exactly as well as 2 of the haystacks seen on the fabric. Cut the excess foil away from around the 2nd square.

Country Cow Greeting Card 3

3.Turn the cow over and place a numerous amount of 3-D adhesive pads on it. Do the same to the haystacks. Remove the paper backings.

Country Cow Greeting Card 5

4. Adhere the cow and the haystacks now on the second square. The cow now has a 3-D effect.

Country Cow Greeting Card 8

5. Punch out 4 flowers and glue them together with stick glue for durability.

Country Cow Greeting Card 9

6. Take your mesh ribbon and pull away 2 strings. Tie these through the button.

Country Cow Greeting Card 10

7. Place 2x 3-D pads on the backside of your button and stick the button on the flower.

Country Cow Greeting Card 11

8. Use stick glue and glue the piece of scrapbook paper onto the blank white card. Tear a piece of the green fiber paper and adhere this now on the front of the card.

Country Cow Greeting Card 13

9. Cut a piece of mesh ribbon to fit your card. Using the clear double-sided adhesive foil, stick a piece under the mesh ribbon.

Country Cow Greeting Card 14

10. Stick the mesh ribbon now on the card.

Country Cow Greeting Card 15

11. Cut a piece of strong double-sided adhesive tape and stick it to the backside of the prepared cow motif. Remove the paper backing.

Country Cow Greeting Card 16

12. Lay the feather on the card and apply the cow motive now to the card. Adhere the button at the top left side of the mesh ribbon.




Birthday Card - Greeting Card - Country Cow all Occasion Card
Primitive Cow Card Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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