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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Create a Vintage Collage Card with Leaning Tower of Pisa Motif

It is fun to find motifs from different cities and make matching tags for each of these places. Print out the designs either in dark brown or black to give it an ancient look.



Pisa Vintage Card 1

1. First you need to cut your tag out and glue a piece of your scrapbook paper onto it. Chalk the edges afterwards to antique the page.

Pisa Vintage Card 2

2. To make the reinforcement for the tag, take a small piece of the brown bag or envelope and fold it in half. Punch a small hole using the hole puncher.

Pisa Vintage Card 3

3. Now take the circle puncher and center the hole. Punch through both layers.

Pisa Vintage Card 4

4. Glue both layers together and now you have a reinforcement piece for your tag. Punch a hole in the top center of the tag and glue this piece centered over the hole.

Pisa Vintage Card 5

5. Tear a small piece of the brown paper bag or brown envelope and stamp it with the pigment stamp pad.

Pisa Vintage Card 6

6. Glue the stamped piece to the bottom of the tag. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard on the left side over it. Turn tag over and cut away excess paper hanging over the tag.

Pisa Vintage Card 7

7. Print out your motif and glue it onto a piece of cardstock if you would like to make it more sturdy. Now stick the piece using double sided adhesive tape onto the tag in a diagonal way.

Pisa Vintage Card 8

8. Cut a small square of jute ribbon and remove every third fiber.

Pisa Vintage Card 9

9. Take these fibers and tie them through the hole in the top of the tag. Punch a hole at the bottom right of the tag and also add a gold square brad if you would like.

Pisa Vintage Card 10

10. Glue a torn piece of fiber paper to the top of the cardstock. Use clear double sided adhesive tape to stick the jute ribbon at the bottom of the card.

Pisa Vintage Card 11

11. Now use double sided adhesive tape to adhere the tag onto the card.

Pisa Vintage Card 12

12. Take the brown paper clip and use it to secure the feather to the top of the card as a special effect.

Pisa Vintage Card 13

13. This is now how the assembled collage card looks.




Birthday Card - Greeting Card - The Leaning Tower of Pisa All Occasion Card
Pisa Card Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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