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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to make a Pinwheel

You need: 20 x 20 cm piece of construction paper in color of choice, wooden stick 6-8 mm wide and 40 cm long, 2 x 1cm wooden beads, paper punch with flower motif or circle motif, strong wire, wire clippers and pliers.  Recommended for ages 8 and up.



Pinwheel 1

1. Take your 20 x 20 cm sheet of construction paper and draw a digonal from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Make a hole in the center. Use a compass and draw a circle around the center point that measures about 3 cm. Cut each of the lines from the corner to the circle. Punch a small hole on the side of each corner as shown in the picture.

Pinwheel 2

2. Coil your wire around the wooden stick. Attach a wooden ball to the wire and then insert the wire through small hole in the center of your paper.

Pinwheel 3

3. Start with one corner and bend the paper over so that the wire can be insertet into the punched hole. Continue this with each of the 3 other corners.

Pinwheel 4

4. This is how the pinwheel looks once all of the ends are attatched to the center. Use your hand to hold it together until the next step is completed.

Pinwheel 5

5. Add a punched out motif to the center if desired and then another wooden ball. Use the pliers to bend the remaining wire over into a loop so that the wire is secure. If done correctly the pinwheel can now spin in a breeze. If it gets caught on the stick, you may need to bend the wire some until it is sitting correct and can turn freely. The pinwheel can be played with by children but also looks very decorative as a plant poke.




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