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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Mini Translucent Stars

These are easy to make and are a great project for kids to make, too.



Mini- Translucent Paper Stars 1

1. Take your triangle template and trace around it onto the transparent paper. Mark the hole in the middle of the triangle. It will be needed later as a guidance mark. Cut out the triangle.

* Fold the first point up to the center of the edge across from it. The picture shows how it should look.

Mini- Translucent Paper Stars 2

2. Repeat from * for the other two points. Open the triangle again. Bend the first point up and then fold it down at the marked center point. It should look like the example in the picture.

Mini- Translucent Paper Stars 4

3. Repeat step six with the other 2 points. Now the star should look like this.

Mini- Translucent Paper Stars 5

4. Tuck the left side of the left bottom triangle under the right side of point to the left of it.

Mini- Translucent Paper Stars 7

5. This will secure the star so that it does not open again.




Christmas Paper Craft - Easy to Make Mini Transparent Stars
Mini-Translucent Star Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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