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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Paper Snowflakes

These are really fun for kids to make and no two snowflakes will ever look alike! Just like nature.



Snowflake 01

1. Cut any size circle out.

Snowflake 02

2. Fold the circle in half.

Snowflake 03

3. Fold the circle in half again so you have now 1/4 circle.

Snowflake 04

4. Fold the 1/4 circle once more to give you an 1/8 circle.

Snowflake 05

5. Draw within the 1/8 circle jagged edges. Start on one side and then down the other side.

Snowflake 06

6. Cut only these inside lines out.

Snowflake 07

7. Carefully open the circle and you have then your snowflake. It is so easy! If you want, iron the circle to make it flat.




Paper Snowflakes
Paper Snowflake Craft Project for Kids
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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