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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Christmas Lantern Tutorial

This project is recommended for ages 12 and up.



Christmas Lantern Tutorial 1

1. Print out the template on the project page so that the height of the lantern measures 15 centimeters. Then trace side walls 4 times onto embossed gold cardboard (or color of choice. Cut out the tree from each wall. You can use these trees to embellish cards or scrapbook pages.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 2

2. Trace and cut out the bottom piece. Then score a line one centimeter from each of the sides. Use a bone folder to fold them so the edges are sharp.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 3

3. On each of the four side wall pieces, score 1 cm of the wider side (see template).

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 4

4. Then also use a bone folder to crease and fold these edges.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 6

5. Cut the vellum into four 9x14 centimeter rectangles and adhere one to each of the walls behind the tree motif.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 7

6. Place glue on the first flap of the bottom piece. Adhere one of the side walls to this flap. Then add glue to a second side wall and the bottom flap before it and adhere the second wall to the first wall. Make sure that all of the flaps are on the inside of the lantern and that all of the edges match.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 8

7. Place the lantern flat on the table to press the glued areas firmly to each other.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 9

8. This is how the inside looks at this point.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 10

9. Continue adding glue to the next bottom flap and add another side wall in the same manner as previous.

Christmas Lantern Tutorial 12

10. Once you get to the last piece add glue to all remaining flaps and adhere the last wall in place.

Place the lantern flat again on the table to rub all of the glued seams and make sure they are holding well.




Christmas Paper Craft - Table Lantern
Christmas Lantern Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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