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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Adhesive Foils and 3-D Foam Pads

These items will assist you in adhering objects to your cards or scrapbooks.



3-D Foam Tape


Double Sided Foam Tape

1. 3-D effects can be created on cards by using either 3-D Foam or 3-D Pads. The tape normally gets sold on a roll. The advantage is that you can cut a piece out to the size you need. This is useful when you have larger pieces.



3-D Foam Pads


Double Sided Foam Pads

2. 3-D Pads are smaller and are useful for very small objects. They mostly get sold in a pack of 400 squares. The sqaure thickness will vary between 2-4 millimeters.

Double Sided Foam Pads 2

3. The squares are sticky on both sides. The squares have a paper backing that needs to get removed before sticking the pad onto the card.



Double-Sided Adhesive Tape


Double Sided Adhesive

4. Double-sided self-adhesive tape is very strong and can also be cut to size. It is not transparent. It is useful for sticking hard to stick non-see through cardboard or even metal pieces onto cards.



Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive Tape


Clear Double Sided Adhesive

5. Double-sided adhesive transparent tape is wonderful for see through items. It is sold often in sheets and can be cut to size. 2-sided transparent sticky tape on a roll is also available.



Aslan Foil

Roll of Aslan Foil

6. Aslan foil is a product of Holland. This or a similar product may be available in other countries. It is sold in rolls of 30 or 60 cm widths.

Aslan Foil

7. It is a white, stable, one-sided self adhesive foil and can be used on the backsides of fabric or paper napkins. You will then have a sturdy piece you can use to decorate your cards. Place your fabric or napkin on the foil, cut it out and use a double-sided self-adhesive tape or foam tape to adhere the aslan motif to a card.






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