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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Eyelets for Decorating Cards, Tags, ATC’s  and Scrapbook Pages

Eyelets come in all shapes and colors and can be bought at any craft store carrying scrapbook supplies. You will also need a special eyelet tool and small hammer to secure them.



Eyelet 1

1. You can use an ordinary hole puncher and regular eyelets from a hardware store. They mostly get sold as round circles in the colors of gold, silver and brass.  Or you can use specially made hole punching tools and eyelets found in your local craft store. The advantage to craft store alternative is that you can place eyelets all over a card and are not limited to the length of the average hole puncher.

Eyelet 2

2. Decide where you want your hole to be on your card and take the metal tool with the hole punching insert and firmly press a hole in the paper. You may need a hammer if you do not have the strength to press the tool all the way through the paper. Make sure you are using a craft mat under your work so you will not destroy the surface of your table or working space.

Eyelet 3

3. This is the hole created by the tool. The hole is smaller than the usual hole punched by a hole puncher. The eyelets sold for this tool come in all sorts of shapes and colors.

Eyelet 4

4. Place one of the eyelets in the front side of the hole and turn the card over. There is a raised piece now seen. Exchange the pieces to your tool to the ball point edge and place it on the piece. Use a small hammer to hit the piece flat.

Eyelet 5

5. When you turn your paper over the eyelet is secure.






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