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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Use Brass Embossing Templates with a Light Box

Embossing images on paper is very easy and gives your paper a touch of elegance. Use the images to decorate such things as cards, tags, scrapbook pages, or artist trading cards.

Supplies needed: Light box, brass stencils, stylus and paper or thin cardstock.

Tip: If you do not have a light box, you may also tape the stencil and paper to your window. The light from outdoors will also reflect through the paper.



Embossing with the Light Box 1

1. First of all you need a light box, light colored paper or cardstock, masking tape, brass stencils and 1 or 2 stylus pens with different size balls on the ends.

Embossing with the Light Box 2

2. The next step is to take a small piece of masking tape and tape the stencil to the box over the light source.

Embossing with the Light Box 3

3. Now lay your light colored piece of paper or cardstock over the stencil and also use masking tape to secure it. Any other tape may tear the paper once you remove it again.

Embossing with the Light Box 4

4. Take your stylus and simply follow the edges of the images with it. Wider images may need a thicker ball and thinner and finer lines need a thin ball.

Embossing with the Light Box 5

5. This is how the imaes look when you are finished. But this is only the backside.

Embossing with the Light Box 6

6. Carefully remove the tape and turn your paper or card over and now you will see the embossed images.

Embossing with the Light Box 8

7. You may choose to leave the images plain colored which has an elegant look to it, or you may choose to chalk them with artist chalks.




Birthday Card - Embossed Daisies Card
Embossed Daisies Birthday Card Craft
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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