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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Beaded Earrings

This technique is easy to learn to create all sorts of earrings to match all of your clothes.



Beaded Earrings 1

1. First of all, cut two 4 inch pieces of  perlon thread. Insert both threads together through the loop of the earring hook and match all of the lengths (you have 4 ends now). Insert all ends through a crimping bead and pull the bead to the top as seen in the picture.

Beaded Earrings 2

2. Pinch or crimp the bead with your pliers to secure it from sliding down.

Beaded Earrings 3

3. Add a first bead by inserting all of the ends through and pull the bead to the crimping bead.

Beaded Earrings 4

4. On one of the ends, add a bead and crimping bead. Decide where the bead should stay and pinch the crimping bead closed.

Beaded Earrings 5

5. Add now another bead on the same end. Pull it to the crimping bead, add another crimping bead and pinch close.

Beaded Earrings 6

6. Continue in this manner again by adding a bead of your choice and follow the bead with a crimping bead to hold in place.

Continue until 3-5 beads are used up. Finish off with a crimping bead.

Beaded Earrings 8

7. Start adding a bead and crimping bead to the second thread. Try to use a different order of beads so the earrings look interesting.

Beaded Earrings 9

8. Keep adding beads like you did to the first thread until the same approximate length is reached.

Beaded Earrings 10

9. Now you will be starting the third thread.

Beaded Earrings 11

10. The last 2 threads will be done like the first with no particular order of beads. Once all of the threads are finished, snip off the excess thread hanging off the bottom.




Jewelry and Bead Craft - Brown and Green Beaded Earrings
Beaded Earring Project
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