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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Chalk Paper

You can find decorating chalks in your local craft store. They are especially designed to use with paper and do not require any fixation. The advantage of such chalks is that they give your paper projects an added dimension. The designs and elements do not look flat anymore. Instead, the paper has the appearance of having been dry brushed. You can also color embossed images.



Chalking Paper - Chalks

1. This is a brand of chalks that works wonderfully. There are different sets that can be bought with a variety of colors.

Chalking Paper 2

2. The sets include sponge applicators. You can also use inexpensive cotton wool tips that can be disposed of afterwards.

Chalking Paper 3

3. To apply, just dab your applicator into the color of your choice. Brush the color along the edges of your paper figure until the desired look is achieved. You can make a subtle look or you can continue to add more to get a heavier look.

Chalking Paper 1

4. This is now how the motif looks when finished. The chalking gives the motif more depth.






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