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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Christmas CD Cover

Use different paper and you can make these all year round for all of your favorite CDs.



CD Cover Tutorial 1

1. Cut a piece of printed Christmas cardstock to the size of 30 cm long x 15 cm high. Fold this piece in half.

CD Cover Tutorial 2

2. Cut a second piece of matching cardstock to the size of 12cm x 15cm.

CD Cover Tutorial 3

3. Open up the first piece with the good side down and align the second piece along the edges.

CD Cover Tutorial 4

4. Using your sewing machine, stitch along the top, side and bottom edge while holding the pieces together and keeping edges matching.

CD Cover Tutorial 5

5. Insert the CD in the pocket. Your project is finished!



If you would like to use corrugated cardboard, you can follow the instructions below.


Christmas CD Cover 1

1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to the size of 30 cm long x 15 cm high with the grain going up and down. Fold this piece in half.

Christmas CD Cover 2

2. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard with the grain going up and down to the size of 15 high and 5 wide. Fold it longways in half and...

Christmas CD Cover 3

3. ...glue the piece to the the cover front inside and outside. You may need to lay a book over the piece until it dries.

Christmas CD Cover 14

4. For the inside CD pocket, take the 12cm x 15 cm cut piece of corrugated cardboard and lay it on the inside of the CD cover. Punch a hole in each corner and one in the middle...

Christmas CD Cover 15

5. it is shown here.

Christmas CD Cover 16

6. Add eyelets to the holes.

Christmas CD Cover 17

7. This is now how it looks.

Christmas CD Cover 18

8. The inside front cover can be covered with a printout of the names of the songs on the CD, if desired. The CD fits perfectly in the pocket. Decorate the cover as you desire or print out a list of the songs and adhere it to the cover.




Christmas Paper Craft - Easy to Make Cover for a Christmas CD 200
Christmas CD Cover Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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