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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Craft Translucent Paper Stars for Christmas

These are really fun to make by adults and kids alike. They look great in the window in the winter to add some color.



Transparent Star Tutorial 1

1. Cut out 8 rectangle pieces each measuring 10 x 13 centimeters. Follow steps 2-5 (6) for each of the 8 pieces.

Transparent Star Tutorial 2

2. Fold the rectangle lengthwise in half.

Transparent Star Tutorial 3

3. Fold each of the corners to the center crease created by the folding in step 2. Your rectangle will now have a diamond shape.

Transparent Star Tutorial 4

4. Fold now the 2 bottom corners again to the center crease.

Transparent Star Tutorial 5

5. This is now how the paper looks. It has a kite shape. You may leave it like this for a simpler looking star or you can go one step further and continue with the fold in step 6.

Transparent Star Tutorial 6

6. The 2 bottom center folds can be folded then outwards to the outside edge. The left bottom fold gets turned left and the right bottom fold gets turned right. Press to flatten. You may wish to tack these ends down with stick glue if they do not want to lay flat.

Transparent Star Tutorial 7

7. Follow steps 2-6 for the remaining 7 rectangles.

Transparent Star Tutorial 8

8. You will now stick the pieces together. Turn a piece over so that the smooth side is up. You will always be gluing the wider edges together. On the top right corner, add stick glue and then glue the next piece over it matching the wider outer edge to the middle crease of the first piece.

Transparent Star Tutorial 9

9. Continue adding the next pieces on in the same manner until all 8 pieces are used. The 8th piece will connect the 7th piece and the 1st piece. Like before, add glue to the top right corner of the 7th point and adhere the 8th point to it. Then add glue to the top right right corner of the 8th point and tuck it under the first point.

Transparent Star Tutorial 10

10. When finished, this is how the star looks. To hang it, stick pieces of clear 2 sided sticky tape to the back of it in a couple of places and stick it into the window.




Christmas Craft Idea for Kids - Blue Origami Folded Transparent Star
Translucent Star Project here
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