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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Fiskars 3-in-1 Corner Puncher

These 3-in-1 paper punches are a must have for card and scrapbook crafts.



Fiskars Punch 1

1. The Fiskars 3-in-1 Corner Punches© are available in many different catagories of motifs. These three are called “Leaves”, “Snowflakes” and “Flowers”. Each one has 3 motifs to choose from. Use the punches for lightweight papers.

Fiskars Punch 2

2. Insert your paper into one of the corners of the 3-in-1 punch. If you turn the 3-in-1 punch to the backside you will see placement settings to line your paper up to get a perfect result.

Fiskars Punch 3

3. Punch then the paper through. 2 things will happen...

Fiskars Punch 4

4. ...first of all, your paper now has a wonderful design in the corner...

Fiskars Punch 5

5. ...and second, you have small elements that you can also use for card making.

Fiskars Punch 6

6. You can also create decorative elements to use for your cards. Take a sheet of paper that measures 5x5 centimeters.

Fiskars Punch 7

7. Punch all 4 sides out.

Fiskars Punch 8

8. Fold the paper in half and then punch also the 2 empty corners at the bottom of the paper.

Fiskars Punch 9

9. Your paper now looks like this.

Fiskars Punch 10

10. Open now the paper up and you will see that there are more punched areas.

Fiskars Punch 11

11. Fold now you paper in half the other way and also punch the 2 bottom corners.

Fiskars Punch 12

12. Now your paper looks like this.

Fiskars Punch 13

13. Fold the paper in half again so that you only have just a small square. Punch also the last empty corner you see.

Fiskars Punch 14

14. Once you open the paper completly, you will see that you have a lacy element that can be used on your cards. Iron it flat. Experiment with different sizes, colors and motifs to get other effects. It is really fun.






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