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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a Beaded Ring

Crafty kids will have loads of fun making these beaded rings in all colors.



Beaded Ring Tutorial 1

1. Cut a long piece of jewelry wire and add 3 seed beads to it. Pull the beads to the middle of the wire.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 2

2. Now, add 3 more seed beads to one wire end. Take the other wire end and insert it into the opposite side of the beads. It is like the wires are criss-crossing through the 3 beads.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 3

3. Pull the wires tight and the beads will then sit directly over the first three.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 4

4. Add 2 more beads and once again insert the other end of the wire in the opposite direction of the three beads as in step 2.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 5

5. Each set of beads adds to the length of the ring. Continue adding beads in the same manner as described before.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 6

6. And of course pull the beads tight after each new row addition.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 7

7. Wrap the piece occasionally around your finger to see if the length is correct. Take account that the ring will have to slide over the knuckle which is slightly thicker. Once you have the length you need, insert the 2 wire ends criss-cross through the first row of beads. This will close off the ring.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 8

8. Now the ring looks like this.

Beaded Ring Tutorial 9

9. Take one wire end and pull it through to the other end so that both wires are together. Twist the wires together and snip off the dangling ends. Tuck the “knot” in a way so that it is invisible when wearing the ring.




Jewelry and Bead Craft - Green Beaded Ring

Beaded Ring Craft Project for Kids
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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