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Spring and Easter Animals From Wood Turnings

Wood turnings are an easy way to create figures for any season or occasion of the year. For spring, a chick, a bunny and a sheep were made using just a minimal of materials.



Wooden Easter Animals

For this project you will need:

- wood turnings doll shapes of choice
Wood Turnings Dolls

- acrylic paint in the colors of white, black and yellow and paint brushes
- chenille stems in the colors of white, black and pink
- 3 yellow feathers
- black and white permanent markers or paint markers
- pink and yellow ribbon
- pink half bead (bunny nose)
- orange card or felt (chick beak)
- hot glue


Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 2
1. First you will paint each figure in the proper color and let them dry. For the chick, cut out a small triangle out of card or felt and glue it on as a beak. Use the black permanent marker to dot on two eyes. To finish off the chick, tie a ribbon bow around the neck.

Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 3
2. The chick’s wing feathers are made by cutting each feather in half...

Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 4
3. ... and placing the bottm half over the top half. Then these get glued on to the sides of the chick as wings. For the head use only a bottom half of the feather and glue it to the back of the head.

Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 1
4. To create the bunny ears, cut a 9 cm piece of white chenille. Bend the chenille in half so it looks like a “V”. Then take the 2 ends and fold them towards the bend, so it becomes a smaller “V”. Insert a small piece of pink chenille between each ear and then glue this ear onto the head. For the arms two 6 cm pieces of chenille was folded in half and glued onto the each side of the bunny. For the feet a 19 cm piece of chenille was first folded into a “V” shape. Then the ends were bent towards the middle to create a smaller “V” shape and then an even smaller “V” shape was created out of this piece. Then glue the body onto the feet. To finish the bunny, a pink half bead was glued onto the face as a nose. Two eyes were dotted on and thin whiskers were drawn on each side of the nose. A ribbon was tied in a bow around the bunny’s neck to complete the bunny.

Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 5
5. Paint the sheep head black after the body has been painted white. Then use a paint marker or acrylic paint to draw a circle on the face and dot on two eyes. Let the paint first dry. Then add a smaller black dot within each eye and draw the sheep face features onto the white circle using a black permanent marker.

Wooden Easter Animals Tutorial 6
Create the sheep ears by first cutting two 6 cm pieces of white chenille. Then bend each in half and insert a smaller piece of black chenille in between each piece. Then cut each of these ear pieces down to 2 centimeters and glue onto the head. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the sheep as a bow. You can choose to give the sheep arms like the bunny if you like or simply leave the sheep as is.

Wooden Chick

Wooden Easter Bunny

Wooden Black Face Sheep
A black faced sheep is always a cutie.




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Wooden Easter Animals





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