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Striped Knitted Winter Scarf

The best way and even the warmest way to fill those long fall and winter evenings is drinking a hot cup of tee and knitting or crocheting cozy accessories for the family. This scarf measures 25 centimeters wide and 220 centimeters (2.2 meters) long.



Striped Winter Scarf

For this project you will need:

- 50 grams olive green* (color #1)
- 50 grams dark cherry red* (color #3)
- 100 grams mixed effect yarn with similar colors* (color #2)
- circular knitting needles metric size 5

Striped Winter Scarf Detail
Detail of yarn and pattern

The yarns used for this scarf was bought a couple of years ago and are most likely not available anymore or in your area. The following information of the yarn wrapper is to be used as a buying guide to help you find a similar yarn.

Yarn #1 and #3 are both from the company “Lang Yarns” and are called “Teddy”. 60% Wool and 40% Nylon. 50 grams = 110 meters

Yarn #2 is also from the company “Lang Yarns” and is called “Surprise”. 55% Acrylic, 25% wool, 15% nylon and 5% mohair. 50 grams = 76 meters.


The gauge on this scarf measures 14 stitches/ 24 rows = 10 cm. You may need to adjust your needle size to acquire this same gauge or add/decrease the amount of stitches cast and rows needed.

1. Cast on 35 stitches with first color (here green) and follow the pattern below, changing the colors as necessary. The pattern used consists of 4 rows of color #1, 2 rows of color #2, 4 rows of color #3 and 2 rows of color #2. The pattern starts to repeat after this point. Continue until your scarf is the desired length. Here the scarf measures 2 meters before the tassles and 2.20 meters after adding the tassles.
Knitting Pattern for Winter Scarf
2. Cut 20 centimeter lengths of yarn to create tassles. Each tassle consists of 5 pieces of yarn. 2 x color #1, 1 x color #2 and 2 x color #3. Attach as many tassles as you need to finish of both ends of the scarf. If placed at an approximately 1.5 cm distance, you will need around 11-12 tassles for each end of the scarf.




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Striped Winter Scarf




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