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Brown Centerpieces With Frosted Branches

If you have tall cylinder vases, you can use these all year round to create seasonal centerpieces. This particular idea is created to decorate the table during the Christmas and winter months and is quick and easy to do with just a few supplies that you may already have around or that you can purchase at your craft store.



Christmas and Winter Decoration in Brown and White 1

For this project you will need:

- tall cylinder vases
- bag of fake powder snow
- frosted branches (either create your own (see below for a tip)* or purchase at your local craft store)
- small brown glass bauble ornaments (here shiny ornaments as well as ornaments with a matted finished were used)
- rusty metal brown star (see below for a tip)**
- brown ribbon with winter motifs if possible

Materials - Christmas and Winter Decoration in Brown and White

* To frost branches, you should first spray paint branches white if you want them to be completely white. Then use snow paste and apply it it the branches. While the paste is still wet, you can sprinkle irisdescent glitter onto it for extra sparkle. Let the branches completely dry before using.

** You can make a “faux” metal star by painting a piece of cardbrown with brown paint and letting it dry. Then dry brush black paint over it in streaks for a rusty looking effect.


1. First fill a tall cylinder vase half full with fake snow.

2. Add a frosted branch and then fill the vase until it is about 3/4 full with small brown glass bauble ornaments.

3. Tie a brown ribbon around the top of the vase and hang the metal star onto the ribbon.




Christmas and Winter Decoration in Brown and White 2
The frosted branches are the highlight of this decoration and have a lovely winter look to them.

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Christmas and Winter Decoration in Brown and White




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