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Winter Food Cakes for the Birds

If you live where the winter temperatures stay below zero until spring, then you are aware how difficult it is for the birds to find enough to eat. You can help these feathered friends by creating them birdfood cups to hang out on the tree or bush branches. It not only helps them survive, but it is also fun to watch the birds while they are eating. These stay firm when the temperatures outside are really cold. Here a stick was placed in the center of the mixture but you can also hang the cup close to a branch so the birds can additionally hold on to the branch while eating their treat.



Winter Bird Food for Outdoors

For this project you will need:

Winter Bird Food Supplies

- 200 grams or a little more of coconut fat (in this country the coconut fat gets sold in solid blocks)
- 200 grams of birdfood mixture (birdseed, sunflower seeds, chopped nuts, oats, coconut flakes, raisins, etc...
- a plastic coffee cup in a color of choice (red really stands out)
- a clean and dried yoghurt cup (for any remaining mixture)
- scissors
- ribbon for hanging
- a stick from outdoors


Winter Bird Food Tutorial 1
1. Heat the coconut fat in a pot until it just melts and the liquid is clear.

Winter Bird Food Tutorial 2
2. Add the birdfood mixture to the clear liquid and stir thoroughly.

Winter Bird Food Tutorial 3
3. Fill the coffee cup with the mixture. There may be some left over. See the right hand column about what to do with the remaining mixture.

Winter Bird Food Tutorial 4
4. Place a stick into the mixture. Here the stick was placed in the middle but the next time, it might be better if it is placed at the bottom to give the birds more room to reach inside the cup. Store the cup (and yoghurt cup) either outside (if the temperatures are freezing) or in the refrigerator or freezer until the fat hardnens and the mixture is very solid.

Winter Bird Food Tutorial 5
5. Tie a ribbon or cord to the handle of the cup. Tie it at two places to help keep the cup straight when hanging. Otherwise it may tend to tilt in one direction or the other. Then hang the cup on a branch and wait for the birdies to come enjoy their treat.




Winter Bird Food for Outdoors

Winter Bird Food for Outdoors 3
If the amount you created for was more than what the coffee cup will hold. pour the remaining mixture into a yoghurt cup. Place it either in the freezer or outdoors, when you have freezing temperatures. Once the mixture is hard, you can cut the yoghurt cup and you have a bird food cake that you can place on the ground for the ground birds such as the finch or blackbird or in the bird feeding house.


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