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Fabric Covered Window Sill

The window sill in this particular room is grey cement colored and just did not look festive, even when the Christmas decorations were on it. That is when the idea came up to just cover the sill. A fabric bought last year on sale after Christmas was just the perfect solution. Once covered, the decorations looked even more pretty than before. More examples of images can be seen below.



Christmas and Holiday Window Sill 1

For this project you will need:

- Christmas fabric (if possible, fabric that does not fray - if using a fabric that frays, then consider placing the selvage against
   the back edge of the sill so no fraying will occur and be seen.
- scissors
- ruler
- self-sticking velcro tape

Christmas and Holiday Window Sill Fabric
This is the festive fabric that was used for this project. The snowflakes ont he front side of the fabric sparkle and add a nice winter touch to the window sill.


First decide if you want your fabric to just be on top of the sill or if you want it to wrap around the sides and be tucked underneath. The latter looks much better as the sill looks like it is entirely covered. Once you decide how you wish your sill to look, cut your fabric length and width accordingly. If covering the top and sides, cut enough fabric so that it wraps around the front and sides and add about 5 centimeters or 2 inches to the fabric length and width to tuck underneath. Use self-sticking velcro to adhere the fabric to the sill at random points, especially underneath the sill so that the fabric is pressed against the still and does not hang. After Christmas, you can remove the fabric with the one side of the velcro. The opposite velcro piece can actually remain under the sill (if that does not bother you) and is ready next Christmas if you wish to use the same fabric again.




Christmas and Holiday Window Sill 2
This is how the sill appeared before adding the fabric. Just plain grey and drab. The fabric perks up the look instantly and brings a holiday look to the window.

Christmas and Holiday Window Sill 3
Matching the fabric to the decorations pulls the look together in the window.

Christmas and Holiday Window Sill 4
This is another image of how the fabric looks on the sill.


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Christmas and Holiday Window Sill




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