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Knitting Project - Extra Warm Winter Socks (European shoe size 38-39 or US shoe size 7- 7 1/2)

Normal sock yarn is 4-ply. Imagine what happens if you take the yarn and double it. You get 8-ply extra warm and thick socks and they feel so snuggly on the feet. After making the first pair, it is addicting. It is amazing how quickly the socks are made because of the thickness of the wool. These may be a bit too thick for wearing with shoes. Instead, they are great socks to wear around the house.

Blue Yarns
These were the yarns used for these socks. One yarn was a solid dark blue and the other a blue and white mix. A random pattern for the sock occurs and looks great.

The socks were knitted with 5 needles. (Four needles to hold the sock in the round and the 5th needle is the working needle). The cuff of these socks were knitted in a ribbing stitch (1 k, 1p). Knitting with this tight ribbing stitch guarantees that they will be really stretchy at the cuff and won’t slide down all the time. At the point of the heel, the front of the socks continued in this ribbing pattern and the heel and sole were then knitted using only knitting stitches. The decreasing area at the toes continued with only knitting stitches.

To knit socks with the classic heel, like the pair below, you will find on the Lana Grossa website instructions to guide you through the process. (Ignore the table of sizes as these are only for 4-ply and 6-ply yarns).. These socks were made for a foot with European size 38-39 (US shoe size 7-7 1/2) and 40 stitches using doubled yarn were casted on using size 4 (metric) needles. That means 10 stitches on each needle. The cuff was knitted 16 centimeters long. Then while the front half of the sock “rested” the the classic heel was made. Once the heel area was complete, the front and heel were knitted in rounds again. The sock were knitted another 20 centimeters (measured from the back of the heel to the needles) and then the decreasing started. On every second round, 1 stitch was decreased on each needle in the usual technique recommended for decreasing at the toe. Once there were only 5 stitches remaining on each needle, 1 stitch was then decreased on each needle on each round (3 more rounds) until there were only 2 stitches left on each needle. Then cut the thread so it is about 10 centimeters long and thread a large blunt sewing needle with the thread.  Pull it through the remaining 8 stitches and then sew the thread off on the inside of the sock.

The Coatscrafts website also has sock knitting intstructions here. For these particular socks, ignore the chart for the shoe sizes. It is for 4-ply yarn.

Warm Winter Socks 1
A really warm pair of socks. No more cold feet during the winter.

Warm Winter Socks 4

Warm Winter Socks 3
Detail of the heel area

Warm Winter Socks 2




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