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Valentine’s Day Love and Hearts Inchies on Stretched Canvas

What says love more than red hearts? This canvas is full of symbols that say I love you and is kept in the colors of red and white for simplification. First the canvas was covered with a paper napkin using the “Paper Napkin Tutorial” (link below) to add color to it. Then a piece of fiber paper was adhered to the canvas to add an interesting effect to it. Then it was embellished with different items found in the craft bins such as die cuts, beads, gems, sequins, washi tape, etc... and used different papers to make it even more appealing. There are normally no set rules to creating an inchie except for the size of it. Usually one would use 1 inch squares but this project breaks the rules and uses squares measuring 5 centimeters (approximately 2.5 inches in size). This stretched canvas itself is 20 x 20 centimeter in size.



Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas 1

Let the images below inspire you to create your own inchie canvas using what you have at home.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 1
A white inchie was first embellished with a piece of corrugated cardboard. Then a die cut swirl was added. A glass heart was glued onto a glitter heart and then used to embellish the inchie.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 2
First the inchie was decorated with 4 washi tape stripes, one in each direction. Then a heart embellished with a small gem on the right side was adhered to the inchie. 3 metal red roses were then glued onto the the square for a finishing touch.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 3
3 hearts of different sizes were layered. The middle sized heart was stuck on with 3-D foam tape. The large red heart was pricked around the edge. The word LOVE was punched out and glued to the bottom of the inchie.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 4
A heart was punched out of a red inchie that was the identical size as the white one. Then the red inchie was glued onto the white one. A smaller red heart was then glued to the inside of the aperature and a glass heart was added.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 5
An inchie was first embossed. Then a larger red heart was punched out and a smaller one was punched out of the larger leaving a heart aperature. The smaller heart was used for another one of the inchies. A glitter heart was added to the center using 3-D foam tape for depth.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 6
A smaller red square was cut out and added to the inchie using 3-D foam tape. Then an embossed stamp for the theme of Love (a set from Cuttlebug) was adhered to the red square. A small red heart embellishment was added to the lower left corner.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 7
Two pieces of washi tape were added to the left and right side of the inchie. Then a corrugated cardboard heart was embellished with sequins and beads and then stuck onto the inchie using 3-D foam tape.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 8
A white inchie was first embossed. Then a glitter heart was added to the center. The corners are adorned with red gems.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas Detail 9
Cupid should never be missing on Valentine’s Day. This one is a die cut from a Sizzix die that was found in a set of 12 (one for each month of the year. First 2 smaller squares in alternating colors were adhered to the inchie and then embellished with Cupid and a small heart.

Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas 2
Valentine’s Day is the day of love!

Tip: You can create your own glitter hearts by adhering red glitter wrapping paper onto heavy card and then cutting, punching or die cutting the heart shapes out.




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