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Spring Upcycled Glass Jars

With some paint, raffia and a couple of pretty stickers, you can easily upcycle jars to hold your spring flowers.



Spring Craft - Upcycled Glass Jar

For this project you will need:

- clean glass jars
- acrylic paint in the colors of pink (or color of choice) and white
- paint brushes
- natural colored raffia
- spring stickers
Spring Stickers


Upcycled Jar Tutorial 1
1. Place the jars on a surface you can paint on.

Upcycled Jar Tutorial 2
2. Then paint each jar with a coat of paint. If necessary apply a second coat after the first dries.

Upcycled Jar Tutorial 3
3. Then slightly dry brush white paint over the first color of paint. This paint coat only needs to lightly cover the first color and does not have to entirely cover the first color. It should only give the jars somewhat of a used look.

Upcycled Jar Tutorial 4
4. Once the paint is dry, apply the stickers. Tie raffia around the rim to finish off the jars

Upcycled Glass Jar Detail
This image shows a jar closer up.




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Spring Craft - Upcycled Glass Jar





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