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Maritime Paper Mobile - “Under the Sea”

These filigree and elegant ocean figures can dangle in the warm breeze this summer. A craft knife and pricking tool are used to define the details inside the paper figures which keep them simple, yet effective. Kids who wish to do this craft can use pencils instead to define the inside lines.



Maritime Paper Mobile - Under the Sea

For this project you will need:

- tan colored cardstock
- scissors
- craft knife
- white sewing thread or perlon thread for hanging
- small hole puncher for eyes
- piercing tool or needle and soft underground such as fun foam
- wooden star mobile to hang the figures or mobile type of choice

Craft Patterns:

Under the Sea - Starfish, Seahorse and Seashell 100

Seahorse, Shell and Starfish Templates

Under the Sea - Fish and Seaweed

Fish and Seaweed Templates






1. Print out the patterns to the size you wish your figures to be and transfer all markings on the cardstock using a pencil.
2. First use your craft knife to define the line details. Make sure not to go to the edge of the figures but instead cut the lines until about 0.7 mm or 1/4 inch from the edge. so that the height of the bunny measures around 17 cm (6.8 inches).
3. Use the piercing tool to pierce holes in the starfish.
4. Find the center of each figure and pierce a hole for hanging and knot a thread through each hole.

Maritime Paper Mobile - Under the Sea - Fish Detail
Silhouettes of the fish

Maritime Paper Mobile - Under the Sea - Seahorse Detail
Detail of the Seahorse





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Maritime Paper Mobile - Under the Sea



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