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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Make Paper Pumpkin Suncatchers

Keep the template for this project to use as a stencil for other fall projects such as stencilling on wood.



Paper Pumpkin 1

1. First you need to create your template. Print out your pattern and glue it onto a piece of sturdy cardstock or cardboard.

Paper Pumpkin 2

2. Use a craft knife and first cut out the inside areas between the markings.

Paper Pumpkin 3

3. This is how the other side of the cardboard looks. At this point you have a great stencil for other projects. But for now you will want to turn the piece over again and cut out around the outside lines with scissors or the knife.

Paper Pumpkin 4

4. This is the finished template.

Paper Pumpkin 5

5. Use paper clips and attatch the template to 2 sheets of green construction paper.

Paper Pumpkin 6

6. First trace around all lines with a pencil or pen, remove the template and hold the 2 sheets again together with paper clips. Now cut the inside lines out as shown in the picture. Once finished, cut out around the outside lines with scissors.

Paper Pumpkin 7

7. Take your orange sheet of translucent paper and lay it over the pumpkin part. You can see the dark green lines through the paper. Take your marker and draw around the outside of the pumpkin as seen in the picture.

Paper Pumpkin 8

8. Cut the orange piece out and glue it onto the pumpkin making sure that all of the inside spaces are covered.

Paper Pumpkin 9

9. Do the same now with the green translucent paper. If you wish, make an extra piece just for the pumpkin stem so that it is darker than the leaves.

Paper Pumpkin 10

10. Now you can proceed to the final step by ...

Paper Pumpkin 11

11. ... gluing the other sheet of green paper exactly over the pumpkin. Now both sides look good and it can be placed in the window.




Paper Craft for Fall - Paper Pumpkin Suncatcher 200
Pumpkin Suncatcher Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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