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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to make a Beaded Bracelet

Any color looks great! It is so easy, you can make a bracelet to match all the pieces of your wardrobe if you like.



Blue Beaded Bracelet 1

1. To complete this bracelet, you will need seed beads in blue or color of choice, 6mm acrylic faceted round beads- matching the seed beads color, 50+ cm of 3mm silver wire, and a silver screw fastener.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 2

2. Take your wire and bend it in half. Insert one end through the hole of the screw fastener and pull the fastener to the loop.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 3

3. Insert both open ends of the wire through one acrylic faceted round bead and slide the bead to the fastener.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 4

4. Now on each of the open ends, bead 6 seed beads.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 5

5. Take another acrylic round faceted bead and insert one of the open wire ends through one hole on the side of the bead. And insert the other open end through the other side hole of the bead. Pull both ends until the bead reaches the seed beads.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 6

6. It should now look like this.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 7

7. Repeat steps 4-6 again until you reach the last 3-5cm of wire. End with an acrylic faceted bead.

Blue Beaded Bracelet 8

8. Insert one open end of wire through the other half of the screw fastener and twist now both open ends together. Cut the excess wire away to about 1/4 cm. Bend this over flat against the acrylic bead. You can now screw both fasteners together and your bracelet is complete.




Jewelry and Bead Craft - Easy Blue Beaded Bracelet 200
Beaded Bracelet Project Here
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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