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Paper Mache Box with Maritime Seashell Motif

This paper maché trinket box is perfect for holding those small collected seashells from the beach or any other small items. The look of the box is kept natural to give it a vintage and antique look.



Summer Craft - Paper Maché Trinket Box with Seashell Motif

For this project you will need:

- round pappmaché box in any size
- candy mold of plaster of Paris powder
- candy mold with seashell motifs
- acrylic paint in beige and brown
- rope
- hot glue gun
- paint brushes


1. Prepare your seashell a day in advance. Follow the instructions below for making plaster of Paris molds. Let the seashell set overnight. Base coat the shell with beige and let it dry.
2. Paint the top and bottom halves of the box in beige and let them thoroughly dry.
3. Dry brush the edges of the seashell and the box with brown paint.
4. Use the hot glue gun to glue the seashell to the top of the box.
5. Cut a length of the rope and make knots about each 1 1/2 inches.
6. Glue the rope with the hot glue to the box and overlap the beginning and end of the rope so it lays flat.

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Summer Craft - Paper Maché Trinket Box with Seashell Motif 2
This is a side view of the box.





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Summer Craft - Paper Maché Trinket Box with Seashell Motif



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