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Christmas Tree Ornament Using Paper Napkin Decoupage

If you like to decorate your Christmas tree with home made ornaments, this idea is fun to try and the ball has an antique look to it due to the crackle medium. The best part is that you can make this ornament in any color and with any choice of motifs to perfectly fit your tree color scheme.



Antique Christmas Ornament

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam ball (any size)
- paper napkin with small motifs
- gold and white paint
- flat paint brush
- crackle medium
- paper napkin applique glue and soft paint brush


1. Paint the ball first with gold paint and let it thoroughly dry.
2. Paint a thick layer of crackle medium now onto the entire ball and also let it dry thoroughly.
3. Take your flat paint brush and now paint white paint over the ball. Paint the color always in the same direction and do not repaint over an area that is already painted. Now the crackling will begin as the white paint starts to dry.
4. Set ball aside until paint is dry. Now you can start with the paper napkin applique. Follow the instructions below to learn how to add the motifs to the ball. Let motifs dry.
5. Take a thick piece of wire, decide how long you wish it to be and coil it around a pencil or other slim round object. This will be the hanging wire for the ornament. Insert one coiled end into the ball and turn until it is about halfway into the ball. The other end sticks out and you can then attach a tree ornament hanger to it to hang.

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Christmas Tree Ornament Using Paper Napkin Applique

Antique Christmas Ornament




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