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Toadstool Craft

These mushrooms were made with small probiotic drinking joghurt bottles (use what is available in your country) and styrofoam balls and look incredibly real once painted and decorated.



Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids 1

For one toadstool you will need:

- 1 probiotic drinking joghurt bottle
- 1/2 of a 9 cm styrofoam ball (the other half can be used to create a second mushroom if you like)
- strong craft glue that works well with plastic and styrofoam
- acrylic paint in the colors of red, beige and brown
- flat paint brush
- white puffy paint or white dimensional paint
- sand if you wish to add some weight to the bottles (optional)

Ages 9 and older

Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids 2
This is how the joghurt bottles and styrofoam ball halves look like.


Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids 3
1. Paint the bottle first with beige color and then take your brush and dip it slightly in brown paint. Brush streaks of brown paint on the wet beige paint to create thin vertical stripes. Set aside and let dry.

2. In the meantime, paint the half styrofoam ball with red paint. Most likely it will need a second coat so when the paint is dry, paint it again. Once the second coat is dry, paint a coat of beige underneath the on the flat side and let it also dry.

3. This step is optional but if you like, you can add some sand inside the bottles to give them some weight. That way they cannot fall over easily.

4. Now you can glue the styrofoam half ball to the bottle. Press them together from time to time. Once the glue is dry (this can take a while), take the white dimensional or puffy paint and make white spots on the top of the toadstool. Let it dry. If using puffy paint, then you can take a hair dryer to puff it up a bit.





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Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids





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