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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Creating Symmetrical Templates

This is a quick way of creating simple templates that can be used in many types of paper craft projects. Try it out and discover how easy it is. The fun part about it is that you do not have to draw two sides to a figure and will yet always have a perfect and symmetrical pattern.

Supplies needed: A piece of cardboard or cardstock, a pencil and scissors.



Symmetrical Templates 1

1. Fold a piece of cardboard or cardstock in half and draw a half of a shape on the folded edge. In this case, a heart.

Symmetrical Templates 2

2. Cut the shape out and open up. You have now a whole symmetrical shape.

3. Any symmetrical form can be created this way. This is useful in creating your own templates. You can also create more detailed templates if you use thin tracing paper. Fold the paper in half and draw half of your shape with the details as shown in steps one and 2. If you turn the paper the other way so that the fold is facing the other side, you can see the details through the paper and can trace them to the other half. When you open the paper, the figure is complete.






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