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Sunflowers Card

At the end of the summer, you see them everywhere. Sunflowers stretching their necks towards the sun to absorb each ray of light and warmth. The color of a sunflower field is of beautiful golds and greens. The motif represents peace and harmony. This card with the sunflowers is quickly made with the paper napkin applique technique or otherwise known as decoupage technique. The motif can be used the whole year around and an idea is to make a set of these cards, wrap them nicely in a gift box and can give the set as a present.



Greeting and Birthday Card for the Fall - Sunflowers Card

For this project you will need:

- blank yellow 3-sided cards with oval passpartout opening on the front
- matching envelope
- 3-D pads
- fusible web
- white cardboard
- scissors and stick glue
- paper napkin with sunflowers such as this one in the image
Serviette mit Sonnenblumen


1. Follow the instructions below for Paper Napkin Applique with fusible web. You will need a full size background piece with sunflowers, and 2 individually cut out sunflowers with leaf.
2. Open the card. It openes with three sides. The middle side is the cut oval. Cut the background sunflower piece down to size and glue it to the backside of the opening with the right side towards the opening. Use the picture as a guide how it should look.
3. Fold the card closed again. The third side of the card now covers this opening from behind. Glue these 2 sides together so that the sandwiched motif cannot be seen anymore. Now the card opens like a “normal” card.
4. Using the 3-D Pads, attach the 2 individually cut out sunflowers onto the top of the card as seen in the picture.
5. Stick the message sticker at the bottom of the card.

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Greeting and Birthday Card for the Fall - Sunflowers Card





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