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Natural Wreath for the Summer

Look outside. Nature provides us with many wonderful materials to make a fresh wreath for the front door or for the table. Not only does such a wreath look great, but smells also fresh. These wreaths are not intended to be permanent decorations. They are perfect when you want a quick and natural looking wreath in a jiffy. There are two types of possibilities to make these wreaths. You can make one using a metal ring or one with a straw wreath form. The wreath made with a metal ring has an advantage that it is quicker to make and uses less greenery. The advantage of making a wreath with the straw wreath shape is that the wreath looks fuller.



Summer Wreath

For this project you will need:

- straw wreath or a metal ring in the size of your choice
- floral wire for wrapping the wreath
- fresh greenery from your yard
- fresh flowers
- berries
- floral scissors


1. Look for different types of shrubs and greenery in your yard and pick out lovely green leaves with stems, small seasonal flowers and berries that may be growing.
2. Cut 4-6 inch long twigs (about 10 centimeters) that are abundant with leaves. Cut wildflowers and berry twigs also the same length and use these to decorate the greenery. Combine a few pieces of your cut greenery, berries and flowers in small groups and use some wire to hold them together. This will make covering the wreath much easier.

To Make a Wreath on a Metal Ring:

Attatch wire to your straw wreath form or the metal ring. When making a wreath with a wire ring, add the first group and wrap the wire around once to hold it in place. Then add the next group and continue until you reach the beginning again. The final group of greenery should cover the stems of the first group you placed on your wreath form.

To Make a Wreath on a Straw Wreath:

The illustrated tutorial below shows you how the basic steps are for covering a straw wreath. Though the wreath demonstrated uses Christmas greenery, the instructions stay the same.


In warmer parts of the country it may be necessary to spray the wreaths regularily with mists of water to keep them fresh a little longer. This is important, especially if you want to hang the wreath on the door for a few days.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

How to Make a Wreath

Wreath Making Tutorial


Wreath Making - Summer Wreath for the Door 2

Wreath Making - Summer Wreath for the Door

Fresh Table Wreath
A smaller wreath can also be used as a centerpiece for the table.





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Wreath Making - Summer Wreath for the Door



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