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Styrofoam Memo Board

Something purchased had a flat foam square inside the package to protect the item from breaking. That square was saved and then an idea occurred how to use it. By wrapping it with fabric, it could be used as an inexpensive memo board.



Styrofoam Memo Board

For this project you will need:

- thick and flat styrofoam square or rectangle
- fabric of choice (here the fabric was bought at Ikea in Germany)
- craft glue that holds on styrofoam
- thread or cord for hanging board
- 2 thumb tacks


1. Place the piece of styrofoam on the backside of the fabric and trace shape on it. Add now to each side of the fabric square the amount of the thickness (here it was 2 cm) plus 5 cm extra and then cut this square out. The amount we added to the square shape was then 7 cm for each side.
2. Now fold each side of the square around the styrofoam to the backside and secure with glue. If your fabric is too thick, you may wish to trim some excess fabric away from the corners.
3. Cut your hanging cord to a length of choice. Create a loop on each end and then insert each loop in the thumbtack post and then thumbtack the ends to the two top corners of the backside of the styrofoam.





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