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Styrofoam Bumble Bee

This is a cute little bee that is guaranteed not to sting! Kids can create this craft for the summer and can either hang it freely in a room or make a plant poke out of it and decorating summer flowers. Hot glue is quick drying and perfect for such projects. But to prevent injuries, children should only use hot glue under parental supervision. Otherwise, thick tacky glue should be used.



Summer Craft for Kids - Styrofoam Bumble Bee Craft 1

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam ball (6 cm) and egg (7x9 cm)
- 2 wiggly eyes (1.5 cm
- 8 mm red wooden bead
- acrylic paints in black and yellow
- stable acetate foil for wings
- black chenille stems for legs, feelers and stinger
- hot glue gun or thick transparent drying craft glue
- toothpicks

Recommended for ages 7 and up


1. Paint the styrofoam ball black and the styrofoam egg yellow. Once dry, paint black stripes on the egg.
2. Poke 3 holes on the bottom side of the egg, one hole on the backside and frontside of the egg and one hole on the top of the ball (feelers) and one hole on the side of the ball. Attatch now this side of the ball to one end of the egg.
3. Cut 3 chenille stems to the length of 10 cm. Fold each in half and insert the folded ends in the 3 bottom holes of the egg.
4. Cut a 5 cm piece of chenille and fold it in half and insert the folded end in the backside as the stinger.
5. Cut a 10 cm piece of chenille, fold in half and and insert the folded end into the hole in the ball. Fold each open ends about 1 cm in.
6. Snip the wooden bead in half and glue on the face as a nose.
7. Glue the wiggly eyes over the nose.
8. Cut 2 slits in the top backside of the bee. Cut a large oval shape out of the acetate foil and cut the oval lengthwise down the center and insert these 2 halves into the slits for wings.

Summer Craft for Kids - Styrofoam Bumble Bee Craft 2
Front View of the Bumble-Bee





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Summer Craft for Kids - Styrofoam Bumble Bee Craft



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