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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Stitching on Paper

Stitching different elements for your cards and scrapbook layouts give the them an added country look to them. This technique is helpful especially if you do not have a sewing maching to stitch around the items.

A blanket stitch is also helpful for stitching around fabric to prevent fraying and give the piece a finished look.



Blanket Stitch


Stitching on Cards 1

1. Using sharp needle or other tool, poke holes in desired card at an even interval.

Stitching on Cards 2

2. Coming from underneath the card, insert the needle with the thread through the 1st hole.

Stitching on Cards 3

3. Make a loop...

Stitching on Cards 4

4. ...insert threaded needle through the loop...

Stitching on Cards 5

5. ...and pull through. Repeat until card is complete.


Sewing Stitch


Stitching on Cards 8

1. This stitch is very easy. Secure a knot on the backside. Take your needle and come up through a hole. Then go down in the previous hole.

Stitching on Cards 7

2. Then you will come up again in the next available hole in the direction of your sewing. Pull the previous stitch tight as you come up with your string.

Stitching on Cards 6

3. Then you will go down in the previous hole again and will continue in this manner until your row is complete.






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