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Stitched Paper Easter Eggs

Pretty and soft colored scrapbook paper perfect to create these paper Easter eggs. When a little batting is used inside the egg, the stitching almost makes the egg look like fabric that has been quilted.



Paper Easter Egg

For this project you will need:

- scrapbook paper
- batting (optional)
- sewing machine and matching thread
- ribbon for hanging
- diecutting machine (optional)
- egg die (optional)

Craft Pattern:

Easter Egg Template

Easter Egg Template






1. Either die cut two eggs or use the provided template to create your eggs.
2. Place the two eggs together with the wrong sides facing each other. Cut a piece of ribbon and enclose the ends at the top of the egg. Then sew around the edge of about 60% of the egg, already enclosing the ribbon at the top for hanging. Then place a small piece of batting inside if you wish it to be thicker and finish sewing the egg closed..
3. Stitch across the egg with different patterns to give it a quilted look to it.

Paper Easter Eggs
There is a piece of batting inside the egg to make it more thick and squishy, but that is something you can omit if you would rather your egg to be flat.




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Paper Easter Eggs





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