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Stars Christmas Card

Do you enjoy creating and giving home made cards but yet do not really have much time to spend crafting them? This card is quick, easy and  inexpensive to make. If you have children, make it a family project.  Children can help cutting out the stars, or punching the holes with in them or even with the assembly of the cards. Within no time you have a dozen cards made and the wonderful feeling that they are hand made.



Red Stars Christmas Card

For this project you will need:

- blank white card
- stiff red felt
- red tissue paper
- red piece of netting ribbon - 80 mm wide
- thin silver wire
- printed wish or sticker
- 2 small red brads
- extra strength double sided sticky tape
- transparent double sided sticky tape
- template with stars (if available) or use the pattern below
- decorative edged scissors
- scissors


1. Use a star shape cookie cutter or other star template. Trace the shapes onto the red stiff felt. For each Christmas card, you need 1 larger star and 3 smaller stars.
2. Cut the felt pieces out.
3. Tear a piece of the red paper and adhere it to the card.
4. Cut a piece of the netting ribbon out. Use the transparent double sided sticky tape and adhere the netting ribbon onto the card.
5. Wrap the wire around the large star as often as you like to achieve the look you desire.
6. Cut pieces of the extra strength double sided sticky tape, remove the backings of 1 side and stick them on the backsides of the stars.
7. Remove the backings double sided sticky tape on the stars. Now stick the stars over the netting ribbon on the card as seen in the picture.
8. Tear a piece of vellum out with your printed greeting. Punch 2 holes on either side of the vellum and through the front of the card. Place the eyelets through the holes to secure the Christmas wish.

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