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Illustrated Craft Tutorials - Creating Fun Foam Stamps and Creating Stamps With Corrugated Cardboard

No need to buy wrapping paper. Use pre-cut shapes or cut your own simple shapes and create foam stamps to decorate brown paper with.



Creating Fun Foam Stamps


Stamps 1

1. You need fun foam figures (you can buy precut figures at a craft store or you can create your own out of fun foam sheets).

Stamps 2

2. You also need branch slices or even left over pieces of thick wood or wood blocks and a glue that is designated for gluing fun foam.

Stamps 3

3. Place glue on the backside of the fun foam motif. Turn the motif around and press firmly onto the piece of branch slice or wood. Let it dry before continuing.

Create as many stamps as you like. With them you can also not only decorate wrapping paper, but also you can create gift cards.

Stamps 4

4. You will now need a stamping pad and your stamp.

Stamps 5

5. Turn the motif over and press it onto the stamping ink so that it is saturated. Try to get an even coat of ink if possible.

Stamps 6

6. Now press the stamp onto the paper. Make sure that the entire image gets pressed evenly onto the paper. Continue until your paper is as full of images as you like.

The stamps are reusable if you wash them with warm water when finished and let them dry.

Stamps 7

7. This is how an image looks when stamped.



Creating Stamps With Corrugated Cardboard

Stamps 8

8. Corrugated cardboard is often found as a wrap for fragile items.

Use cookie cutters or other templates and trace small shapes onto the backside of the corrugated cardboard.

Stamps 9

9. Brush your paint on the textured side of the cardboard or dip the motif into a puddle of paint.

Stamps 10

10. Press on the paper you wish to embellish. Use your fingers and press the cardboard lightly to assure that the entire surface of the cardboard prints onto the paper.

Stamps 11

11. The print looks great.

Stamps 12

12. You can remove the used cardboard easily from the cork if you used hot glue to glue it on. Pull it off with the hot glue. Now you can use your cork again for another project.



Using Foam Stamp Blocks


Stamps 13

13. Craft shops have also foam stamp blocks. These usually have 4 motifs that fit into a theme. You can also use these in the same manner as written above.

Stamps 14

14. The image, when stamped, looks great!

Stamps 15

15. All four images from the block were used for this paper to give it a cheery look. You can also change colors if you like. There is no limit to how you can embellish your paper.






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