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Textile Crafts and Projects for Spring Celebrations

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Fabric Birds Ornaments

Fabric Birds

If you do a lot of sewing, then you probably have a lot of scrap fabric in your stash. Sometimes it is not easy finding projects to make with the really small pieces. These birds are small (approximately 12 cm from tail to beak) and require just a minimal amount of fabric to make.

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Romantic Mug Rug

Romantic Mug Rug

Mug rugs are so practical and decorative and are a perfect way to use up fabric remnants.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Bunny Egg Warmer

Felt Easter Bunny 2

You can sew this bunny and use it in different ways.

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Recycling Craft - Cardboard and Fabric Flowers

Recycled Cardboard and Fabric Flowers

This is a great way to add some color to your home. Thick cardboard boxes make excellent bases for this project. Then go through the scrap box of fabric and select a friendly fabric and matching yarn and you are ready to make this craft.

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Craft for Valentine's Day - Felt Heart Pin

Beads and Sequins Felt Heart Pin

This lovely heart pin is easy to craft and adds a little sparkle to your wardrobe on Valentine’s Day.

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Needle Felted Easter Chick

Needle Felted Standing Chick

This cute little guy has no problem standing on his own with those big feet.

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Pom-Pom Dog

Pom-Pom Dog

Fringed yarn makes it possible to give this dog a bad hair day but at the same time adding to its cuteness.

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Crochet Easter Basket

Crochet Easter Basket

This basket was crocheted with jute which gives it a lot of stability.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Chick Egg Warmer

Felt Chick

You can sew this chick and use it in different ways.

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Large Fabric Box_0164

Large Fabric Box Using the Rag Quilt Technique

One is always looking for possibilities to store or organize their items. This particular box is being used to keep knitting supplies together but you can use it to hold just about anything. These type boxes are easy to sew and also very decorative as well.

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(1-10)     (11-20)     (21-30)     (31-40)     (41-50)


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