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Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

Here are more craft ideas for spring and Easter for kids of all ages. More spring crafts for kids are currently being made and will be added to this page.

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Corrugated Cardboard Daisy Table Decoration

Corrugated Cardboard Flower

Kids can surprise their mothers on Mothers Day by presenting them this cheerful flower. This flower will look great on any window shelf and will definately never wilt.

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Fun Foam Craft - Easter Bunny

Foam Easter Bunny 2

Fun foam is easy for kids to cut out and is a perfect material for creating this cheery Easter bunny. The directions are given for completing one side of the bunny. If making a decoration for the window or to hang freely in a room, it is recommended to decorate both sides of the bunny. Make sure to cut out the duplicate pieces in reverse.

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Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

This project is easy for kids to make. They can use the bunnies as a hanger for an Easter tree or even as bookmarkers for their favorite piece of literature or even as a small gift for Easter cards.

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Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do. And the great thing is... these flowers will not wilt away after a couple of days!

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Paper Craft for Spring - Paper Lady Bug on a Leaf

Paper Lady Bug Decoration

What is that crawling up that leaf? Even the youngest of children recognize the friendly lady bugs when they see them. If your child can use scissors, then this paper craft project is very easy to create within 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast your child works).

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Paper Lady Bug Craft for Kids

Tissue Paper Lady Bug

Lady bugs are liked by all ages and they are probably the most recognizable of all the insects. This is a fun craft for kids and all it requires is cutting, tearing and gluing.

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Melting Beads Easter Bunny

Melting Beads Easter Bunny

This bunny can be made in any color and is a fun project for little hands to make as a decoration for Easter.

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Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

What child does not like a lady bug and this craft is not only fun to make but would look cheerful in any child’s room window in the spring and summer.

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Easter Craft for Kids - 3-D Paper Easter Egg

3-D Paper Easter Eggs

Why not get some branches from a bush or small tree and put them in a large vase. Rearrange them so that they look decorative. At springtime or Easter, kids can craft homemade Easter ornaments and decorate those branches. These 3-D eggs are simple and easy to make and look very decorative when more of them embellish the branches.

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Spring Recycling Craft - Egg Carton Daffodils

Egg Cup Daffodils

Save those egg cartons! Look at the daffodils you can make with them. From the distance, these look almost real. A single daffodil looks nice in a glass, but a whole bouquet of them looks really impressive. Like a garden in the spring.

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More Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

(1-10)     (11-20)     (21-30)     (31-40)     (41-50)     (51-60)     (61-70)     (71-80)


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