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Greeting Cards for Spring Birthdays and Celebrations

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Spring Greeting Card - Blue Rose - Just Wanted to Say Hi

Blue Rose

It is so easy to buy cards in any store. But some people are so special to us and we want to express our love or friendship to them in a more personal way. Handmade cards are a wonderful way to show these people how much we feel about them.

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Easter Bunnies Card

Happy Easter Bunnies Card

The colorful bunnies on this cheerful card will brighten up anybody’s Easter Day!

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Easter Card - White Hopping Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Bunny Card

This card is crafted within minutes and looks very interesting with the various textures of the different papers.

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Spring Greeting Card - Spring

Greeting Card - “Spring”

This good mood card with its fresh spring colors is the perfect remedy after a long and dark winter.

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Easter Card with Lots of Bright and Colorful Eggs

Easter Eggs Card

This colorful Easter card is lovely in the fresh hues of spring. It is a vibrant card made using textured cardstock and is perfect for spreading your Easter wishes.

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Easter Card - Cute Hatched Chicks Easter Card

Cute Hatched Chicks Card

This is an adorable card for spring and Easter and was so fun to make. Once you have your supplies, it is made within 30 minutes. There is so much  activity and depth on this card and uses a variety of materials which makes it interesting.

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Card for the birth of a baby - Baby Carriage Card in Peach Color

Baby Carriage Card for Births

Perhaps you know someone who has given birth to a baby and you would like to create a handmade card for the special occasion.

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Spring Cards - Yellow Cheerful Daisies Greeting Card

Cheerful Daisy Greeting Card

Make someone happy by creating this cheerful card and writing your greetings in it. The two colors give it a puristic look yet it is elegant looking because of the glass nugget centers.

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Spring Cards - Friends Card with Pastel Flowers

Friends Greeting Card

If you would like to cheer up a friend, this card would be the perfect choice. One can only feel better after receiving a card like this one with its fresh spring colors and motifs.

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Valentine's Day Card - Love Card with Hanging Hearts

Valentines Day Card with Hanging Hearts

It does not really have to be Valentine’s Day or an anniversary to give the one you love a card expressing your feelings.

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More Greeting Cards for Spring Birthdays and Celebrations

(1-10)     (11-20)     (21-30)     (31-40)     (41-50)     (51-60)


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